Green investing as a cure for the covid crisis and climate change

Published: September 18, 2021

Expo 2020 in Dubai will host a global debate

Poland and the whole world are facing important challenges in terms of changing the ways of production and consumption. The COVID- 19 pandemic caused a decline in economic activity. Increasing productivity is therefore necessary and must go hand in hand with reducing the negative impact of our activities on the environment. The concepts of an innovative economy based on green technologies, sustainability, increased mobility and renewable energy will be one of the main themes of Expo 2020 in Dubai and a remedy to the global recession. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency, which is responsible for Poland's participation in the World Expo, will showcase our country's export potential and present it as an attractive destination for green investing.

Green investing and the concept of sustainability have been gaining popularity in recent years. In the face of the COVID- 19 pandemic, they offer great opportunities for post-crisis economic development and increasing the number of jobs. Awareness of the problems of environmental degradation and limited access to resources is increasing year by year. This is a favourable trend for entrepreneurs who aim to reduce the costs of their activities, e.g. by cutting down on the amount of generated pollution and waste or by conserving natural resources. Consumers have an important role to play here. It is their pro-ecological choices that largely determine whether the idea of sustainable development and green deal will continue to develop and produce tangible results. The food, construction and transport industries also face considerable challenges. Due to the introduction of appropriate improvements, they will have less impact on the environment. The role of countries and the European Union also cannot be overestimated. The introduction of public funding can accelerate the transformation of the economy into a sustainable economy and increase demand for green products and services.

Expo 2020 in Dubai as a global platform to discuss climate and development

Countries and organisations, as well as businesses and consumers in the context of green investing will be brought together by Expo 2020 in Dubai. By choosing this theme, the organisers wish to emphasise the complexity of the climate and investment challenges of today's world. The slogan "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" indicates that the challenges faced by humanity cannot be solved in isolation. They encourage people to act together – regardless of latitudinal position, institutional barriers or cultural differences. The slogan was expanded into three sub-themes. One of them is Sustainability. It is a global declaration of living in harmony and balance with our planet. It will inspire action to protect ecosystems, manage resources efficiently, preserve the environment and mitigate climate change.

Poland's potential inspired by nature

According to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, which is responsible for Poland's participation in the World Expo, economic creativity should go hand in hand with taking care of the natural environment. This is reflected in the motto of our presentation: "Poland. Creativity inspired by nature." The slogan of the Poland Pavilion, which will provide information about our country and host almost 1,000 events, combines the theme of human potential with sustainable development and mobility. Visitors to the exhibition will find out about the importance of the environment and climate even before entering the Poland Pavilion. In the queue area, visitors will learn about the richness of Polish nature. Vegetation characteristic of various regions of Poland will be interspersed with a creative presentation of Polish landscapes in the artistic interpretations of illustrators, poster artists, poets and typographers.

Economic seminars of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the growth of green investing

The initiative of the economic seminars is part of the Economic Programme at Expo 2020 Dubai. The author of this comprehensive project is the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The seminars will introduce foreign investors to services, technologies and products developed by Polish entrepreneurs. The main goal will be to establish new business contacts and to present Polish experience and potential. A key event for the promotion of green investing in Poland will take place on 5 October 2021 in Dubai. The panellists invited to the discussion will talk about the ways their countries are implementing energy transition measures and how the drive to achieve carbon neutrality is creating new investment trends.

Poland will present itself as a country with a favourable investment climate in this sector. The development of photovoltaics and wind farms is already driving a deep reconstruction of the Polish energy system. The "Green Investing and the Global Climate Challenges" seminar will be one of our presentation's four events of this type at the World Expo in the United Arab Emirates. Expo 2020 in Dubai will be held from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

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