Temporary exhibition by Pomorskie Region

March 8–9, 2022
Polish Pavilion
cultural, scientific, for kids

Pomorskie, a place full of colours.

The temporary exhibition of Pomorskie Region consists of four colourful totems: gold, blue, green and red. They symbolise the region and its three unique cities that form the metropolitan area known as Tricity.

Gold refers to Pomorskie region, often referred to as the kingdom of the Baltic Gold, the true Polish treasure - amber. Pomorskie is internationally famous for the beautiful amber jewellery that is made here. Every year, the seaside city of Gdańsk hosts the International Fair of Amber and Jewellery, “Amberif”. It is home to the Amber Museum, which houses the biggest lump of amber in the world.

Blue evokes the maritime nature of Gdynia, known as the city of sea and dreams. A picturesque port and marina, impressive sailing ships: Dar Młodzieży and Dar Pomorza, the seaside boulevard, the Orłowo Pier, water sports and sailing events make Gdynia the sailing capital of Poland.

Green embodies the spa character of Sopot and the city locations between sea and the national park known as the green lungs of Tricity. Sopot is a tourist resort with its famous Monte Cassino promenade. It offers a wide range of hotels and apartments as well as a broad selection of excellent restaurants, cafes, pubs, music clubs and venues.

Red is a symbol of the historical background of Gdańsk. It is a symbol of a brick building, and the representation of historic architecture of the Old Town: St. Mary's Basilica, tenement houses, old city gates situated along the Royal Route, and the Crane make up the genius loci of the millennium-old city of Gdańsk. A piece of Polish history is hidden in these monuments.

Pomorskie is a dynamically developing voivodeship in northern Poland, a Baltic region that attracts tourists and connoisseurs of the amber jewellery art. We symbolically present 4 most important traits of our regional tourism: amber as a symbol of the region, art and wellbeing, and three cities that are the development vanguards of the region. Gdańsk and its millennium-old, Gothic architecture, Gdynia - the centre of sea adventures, and Sopot as the recreation hub and a symbol of harmony between nature and the city. They are our magnets and the best ambassadors - says Marta Chełkowska, director of the Tourism Department of the Marshal's Office.

Totems are equipped with screens showcasing promotional films. The exhibition area is an oasis of tranquillity, you can only hear the sound of waves, putting you in a blissful mood. Pomorskie, on the one hand, is a place of full colours. On the other, it offers peace and tranquillity if you are looking for it.

Visit Pomorskie, experience the region, take home its colours!

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