Science and education

March 13, 2022
Starting at: 14:00
Duration: 2:30 hours
Polish Pavilion

At the intersection of three worlds.

Science and education are the engines of the economy. It is from the education sector that personnel are drawn, it is at this stage that the future is decided - its quality and advancement. Education can close us down, but it can equally well open us up to the new. Every country has its own education system. So do we. But can we do more? Can we propose measures to make children and young people want more, so that their ambitions don't stay within school walls?

Science rationalises visions. Without it, it would be difficult to make progress. It has accompanied us since the dawn of time. Is it worth combining education with science? And where is the economic progress and business in it?

Today, these three worlds must intersect - without synergy, there is no development.

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