Programing workshops for kids with Scottie Go!

March 1–7, 2022
Starting at: 16:30
Duration: 1:30 hour.
Polish Pavilion
for kids

Scottie Go! is a unique game series that teaches programming for home users and educational institutions.

The game promotes the development of algorithmic intuition and competencies, according to the latest developments in methodology and technology.

It is a combination of cardboard blocks with which players arrange scripts and an application that sets tasks, scans the arranged solutions, and transforms them into the movement and behavior of Scottie, and other heroes met in the game.

Who would have guessed that the fate of the lovable alien Scottie would depend on our students and their programming skills? The year is 2030. Scottie's vehicle breaks down and forcibly lands on our planet. The participants are to help Scottie get spare parts for the vehicle. They will do it by programming his movements. They will become experts in algorithm design and learn the basics of programming.

Cardboard blocks are used to write commands that Scottie will perform. They have a defined task: they allow players to learn basic programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, variables, and functions.

Among the 91 tasks in total, there are also such mathematical issues as addition, subtraction, combining numbers from numbers, writing algorithms, controlling various characters on the stage, programming concepts.

The unique programming interface in the form of blocks makes this learning-friendly to the youngest and allows you to perform tasks in a team without worrying about the lower involvement of some of the people working in the team.

The application on the tablet is used to scan the arranged program by taking a photo or recording a video. After scanning the arranged program, Scottie will perform it line by line, and the student will be able to see if the problem has been solved correctly and correct any errors if necessary.

The workshops are intended for ages 6+.

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