Podkarpackie Hollywood. Creative region.

March 10, 2022
Starting at: 14:00
Duration: 2:00 hours
Polish Pavilion

This is where big companies (dealing with creation) locate their headquarters. Where this trend is coming from?

It turns out that the Podkarpacie region is a source of great staff for them, often not requiring education. The basis for this is also the academic environment - computer game designers, graphic artists and animators are educated in Rzeszów.

The latest report of The GameDev Industry of Poland indicates that there are 16 million gamers in Poland, generating a market worth USD 596 million (this is the total market - mobile games, PC, Internet). Things are similar when it comes to photographic services, animation and new technologies. Where does the uniqueness of Podkarpacie come from? Why does the creative industry develop very well here? And what will the situation look like in the future?

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