Exhibition by Podkarpackie Region: “Creative by nature”

March 10–14, 2022
Polish Pavilion
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Temporary exhibition by the Podkarpackie Region: “Podkarpackie: Creative by Nature”.

Example of using natural resources in the technological race

The main idea of the exhibition focuses on using the diversity of the Podkarpackie Region, its richness in many aspects such as the uniqueness of nature, economic potential or modernity, and dynamism of development. The idea of the exhibition is also to show that Podkarpackie is the cradle of the oil industry, the place of the world economic revolution.

The motif of creativity is the leading theme of Expo 2020 Dubai, therefore it will be visible at every stage of visiting the exhibition. Creativity in the case of Podkarpackie will go with the theme of nature - nature is a source of creativity. The exhibition will present regional economic and cultural successes and tourist attractions.

Nature is the point from which everything begins. It is the source and inspiration of technological progress. Technological development brings with it cultural development.

Podkarpackie Region is an example of using natural resources in the technological race. It is a region that combines the beauty of nature with the development of science and the latest technologies. This makes Podkarpackie an attractive investment region. This is something that will distinguish the exhibition from the rich offer of Expo 2020 Dubai, a phenomenon on a global scale.

Especially in the context of Dubai, the fact is important, interesting, and worth emphasizing, that the Podkarpackie region is the cradle of the oil industry and therefore a place with a strong historical context on a global scale. The key figure is of course Ignacy Łukasiewicz and his invention that changed the fate of the world. It is in the Podkarpacie region, in Bóbrka, that the oldest oil mine in the world is located. Dubai's economy is based on oil, the extraction of which in the United Arab Emirates dates back to the late 1950s and early 1960s. The relationship between the two regions is interesting and worth emphasizing, oil is a cross-cultural bridge.

An important and distinctive element of Podkarpacie is nature. The region is famous for its abundance of natural resources: health resorts, spas, mud, thermal waters - these are just some of Podkarpacie's assets. These are also resources that cannot be replaced by the latest technologies so obvious to the inhabitants of the technologically advanced Dubai.

The diversity of landscapes of Podkarpacie such as Beskid Niski, Bieszczady, and Roztocze positively affects the perception of the region as a source and inspiration of technological progress. Podkarpackie stands for uniqueness, tradition, and diverse opportunities for entrepreneurs and society looking for the right place to live.

Technology and economy have excellent conditions for development here. Creativity, which is born in Podkarpacie, is used on global markets. Podkarpacie is a place with many advantages - the aerospace industry, biotechnology, automotive industry, and electro-mechanical engineering are developing dynamically here. It is a place that favors the internationalization of enterprises. It is also a convenient place to live and take up employment. What is also important for economic development is the scientific base, which exists thanks to such centers as the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszów University of Technology.

Ignacy Łukasiewicz

The role of the ambassador of Podkarpacie, the carrier of the idea of the exhibition, and the main narrator and Ignacy Łukasiewicz - the pioneer of the oil industry, Polish inventor who, thanks to his knowledge and experience, started an economic revolution based on natural resources - will be the ambassador of the Podkarpacie region, the carrier of the exhibition idea, and the main narrator and guide through the exhibition.

The story dating back to the beginnings of the oil industry will be of particular interest to residents of the region where the Expo is taking place. The basis of Dubai's economy is oil, the extraction of which in the United Arab Emirates dates back to the late 1950s and early 1960s. In Poland, however, the first mines were established in the Podkarpacie region - in Bóbrka in 1854.

Thanks to his work and inventions, Ignacy Łukasiewicz started the world economic revolution - the oil revolution. The Podkarpacie region is the place where the great dreams and ambitions of the oil industry originated. Today, the oil industry drives the whole world, and Łukasiewicz's lamp is a symbol of progress.

Most importantly, the figure of Ignacy Łukasiewicz will be shown in a refreshed, modern form, so that he is a link between history and the present, between the world of science and new technologies. We will present how to develop this idea in the following chapters.

The exhibition is based on three thematic areas, to which designated spaces in the exhibition will correspond. The areas mentioned are:
- Nature, Natural Resources and Sustainability
- Culture, Tradition, and Creativity
- Economy, Science, and Technology

The introduction and narration of the exhibition will be led by the figure of Ignacy Łukasiewicz - the inventor of the paraffin lamp from the Podkarpacie region. He is the narrator and the binder of the whole, the element common to all three thematic areas. The whole narration is based on the above-mentioned three thematic areas.

Nature will be represented by three geographical lands: Roztocze, Beskid Niski, Bieszczady. Visitors will be able to see at close range the Bieszczady tower in Muczne, views of the Roztocze National Park, and the Beskid peaks.

Another element is a diorama with flora and fauna, enriched with breathtaking visual material on multimedia and sounds of nature. This zone demonstrates the potential of the region, the power of nature, and the attraction of tourism.

Culture will be represented by the Tunnel of Culture and the exhibitions it contains: Beksiński Nieznany, Podkarpackie Film and Music Project with Podkarpackie artists. There will also be folklore and traditional inspirations depicted in the interpretations of native artists.
Within the creativity zone, there will be a clear division into music, film, visual arts, and folklore inspiration. This zone speaks of the unique and multi-threaded culture of the region.

The third zone, the Economy and Technology area, will be filled with innovative sciences and new technologies. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of information in an attractive form.

As part of the exhibition, the region will also organize educational workshops, scientific shows, culinary shows, business conferences on four industries: creative, aviation, educational and innovative.

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