Amber fashion show

March 8, 2022
Starting at: 20:00
Duration: 0:20 hour
Polish Pavilion

„Amber. The Baltic Treasure”

Pomorskie is a true kingdom of amber, and its most precious and stunning treasure is amber jewellery. Now you have a chance to see them in person during the fashion show that will take place on March 8 - International Women’s Day – on the outside stage of the Poland Pavilion.

Two pairs of fashion and jewellery designers from Poland will be presenting their mini collections, which they have prepared solely for this event. Their compositions are stunning, with masterful fits and modern designs.

The collection Nature Essence by Dorota Cenecka and Joanna Weyna comprise dresses sewn from natural fabrics. Their setting is jewellery made from natural, coloured stones and black diamond, with amber as the predominant material.

The second collection, Belle Epoque LO LO Fuller evokes the Belle Epoque dancer, Loie Fuller, her movement techniques and experiments with long dresses. The apparel sewn by Magdalena Arłukiewicz using silk, chiffon and tulle, reflects the romantic aesthetic of Art Nouveau. Amber beads and jewellery sewn to the dresses, designed by Aleksander Gliwiński, enrich the collection.

The exhibition is complemented by a fashion and jewellery art show. Modern designs of amber clothes and jewellery resonate with each other, presenting the latest trends in these fields. Amber is becoming a competitive jewellery crafting material, attracting with its warmth, lightness and changeable color, creating a friendly alternative for cool, precious stone jewellery, says Marta Chełkowska, director of the Tourism Department of the Marshal's Office.

In between the collection showcases, the talented Bartek Szopiński from Człuchów will have a short piano recital.

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