Wanted – an operator for the shop in Poland’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai!

Published: December 29, 2020
Wanted – an operator for the shop in Poland’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai! The Polish Investment and Trade Agency would like to announces a competition for an operator for the shop in Poland’s Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai. The Winner of the competition will be given the opportunity to conduct commercial activities in the form of a showroom in the Pavilion and an e-shop available both via the web site and mobile devices.

The shop is an integral part of the Polish exhibition and the Pavilion, which means that its concept and contents must be consistent with the strategy of promoting Poland and the Polish economy, as set out in the " the Concept Program of Poland’s Participation in the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 " accepted by the government.

The showroom in the Pavilion, should present an assortment of a souvenirs which will present the traditions and potential of Polish products and entire industries.

The e-shop – which is being launched for the first time as part of Poland’s presence at World Exhibitions – is planned as a sales platform with a much wider range of products than a showroom in the Pavilion. E-shop should include products (also intangible and digital – e.g. music, films, computer games and applications, etc.) and services (e.g. tourist offers).

The competition participants are tasked of developing a business concept of the store containing a description of their proposed solutions in the area of, among other things: the principles of selecting the range of goods, services and suppliers, customer service, the functionality of the „e-store”, the method of promoting Polish industries and brands as well as the logistics of ensuring continuity of supplies. The competition entries will be assessed, among other things, through the prism of the business concept of the store (30%), experience in running a business consistent with the subject of the contract, human resources, or proposed technological solutions for the e-store (20%).

The competition is open to both Polish and foreign entities (individuals conducting business activities, legal persons, organizational units without legal status), having relevant experience (at least 3 years of experience in conducting online commerce) and potential, and in the case of participants who are based outside of the Republic of Poland, they are required to submit the relevant documents in Polish. The Winner of the competition will have access to warehouse facilities in the Pavilion with an area of 5.27 m2 and a showroom in the form of a sales counter with an area of 7.75 m2, located on the ground floor of the Pavilion, next to the main exit from the exhibition, adjacent to the restaurant.

Offers should be submitted to the PAIH headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Krucza 50, until February 10, 2021, at 4 p.m. In the case entries being sent by post, the date of their receipt at the PAIH office will be decisive. In the case of entries submitted in electronic form, participants are obliged to deliver the original offer to the address of the Competition Organizer, and the date of submission will be that of the sending of the offer by electronic means.

We invite you to participate!

Documents to be downloaded:

Rules of the Competition
Appendix No. 1 – Framework assumptions for the route around the Poland Pavilion
Appendix No. 2 – An extract from the Concept Program of Poland’s Participation in the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 containing the plan of the commercial zone in the Poland Pavilion
Appendix No. 3 – Detailed assumptions of the Store

Appendixes No. 4 – The Expo organizers’ guidelines for conducting commercial activities in the EXPO Exhibition area:

A. Commercial Guide;
B. Food and Beverage Guide;
C. Food and Beverage Instructional Handbook;
D. Logistics and Customs Guide;
E. Value Added Tax Guide;
F. Special Regulation No 9-Concerning Commercial Activities by Official Participants;
G. Expo 2020 RISE Guidelines for Sustainable Operations;
Appendix No. 5 – Shopping opportunities related to the permanent exhibition of the Poland Pavilion
Appendix No. 6 – Architectural design of the commercial zone
Appendix No. 6A – Shop counter vizualisation
Appendix No. 7 – Application form
Appendix No. 8 – Visual identification system for Poland’s participation in the World Exhibition Expo 2020 in Dubai
Appendix No. 9 – Important provisions of the Agreement
Appendix No. 10 – Information clause regarding the processing of personal data by PAIH

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