Timeless design, creativity and spirit of ingenuity

Published: January 29, 2022

That’s what we are presenting in the Poland Pavilion, and that’s how we can describe the Partner of the Poland Pavilion – Julia Glassworks.

Julia Glassworks - Timeless design, creativity and spirit of ingenuity
Julia Glassworks - Timeless design, creativity and spirit of ingenuity
Julia Glassworks is a unique Polish manufacturer of crystal glass. Its history, of which dates back to 1842, is inextricably linked with two German glass producers: the Josephine glassworks from Szklarska Poręba and the Fritz Heckert glassworks from Piechowice.

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Already in the nineteenth century, the glassworks reached an unprecedented artistic level and very quickly gained international recognition, and its products went to the residences of royal and aristocratic families throughout Europe and the United States.

The artistry of the artists employed in Josephine was confirmed by its innovation, visible in new glass-making techniques. The glassworks also won prestigious awards, such as a gold medal at the first World Exhibition in London.

For one hundred and eighty years, Huta Julia has been producing unique and high-quality crystal glass, often in cooperation with famous designers. The Julia Glassworks skilfully combines the craftsmanship of traditional glass craftsmanship with contemporary design and trends. Its most famous and valued collections include the Polish Table sets, the Linea collection - a refreshed line of crystal forms from the seventies of the Puchała couple project, and the modern and surprising HopOnTop collection by Magdalena Gazur.

In 2021, Krystalium was established next to Huta Julia, an exhibition centre promoting the history and unique heritage of crystal glass associated with this mountain region of the Karkonosze in Poland.

More information: www.hutajulia.com


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