An analog computer and a creative space in one. Meet Musicon®

Published: February 27, 2022

Musicon is a Polish startup responsible for the production and distribution of an educational and therapeutic instrument called Musicon and the development of the Musicon Method. The company provided Musicon to the workshop zone in the Poland Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Musicon - komputer analogowy i przestrzeń twórcza w jednym
Musicon - komputer analogowy i przestrzeń twórcza w jednym
Musicon® is a STEAM machine. Programming, math, manual skills, group cooperation, creativity – you can develop it all with one device.

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Musicon is like:

Musicon directly affects three senses: touch, hearing and sight with the instant feedback – everything is happening in front of the user, by his action and on his command. Musicon is followed by a rich base of knowledge and training created with the main target in mind – harmonious development through play, tailored to individual needs.

Musicon is a mini sound lab, a musical abacus and a project space – all in one. This unique device has been designed to give children an opportunity to experience music polisensorically and learn programming in a natural and friendly manner. In a world full of screens, it’s important to ensure kids have access to attractive analog educational tools.

A child who works with Musicon recovers their sense of empowerment, becomes a composer and desinger; gets a chance to analyse the outcomes of their work as they come, to modify the outcomes and independently decide if the effect matches their expectations.

Since the 1st of October we’ve been part of the Poland Pavilion exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai. We are happy we’ve had the opportunity to go there in November to play some concerts, do music workshops and present ourselves at the EduTech seminar. Our success at Expo 2020 Dubai proves that music connects people and is a global language. Musicon gives every user the joy of music-making, from the very first contact with this creative machine. – says Kamil Laszuk, designer and maker of Musicon.

The Musicon Project was presented in cities all around the world including New York, Singapore, Lima, Berlin, Prague, Paris and Copenhagen, to name a few. It was awarded internationally: iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Core77, Polish Children’s Design Award, and was nominated to INDEX: design to improve life.

Musicon LLC is a polish startup who designed and produced the therapeutic, educational instrument Musicon and developed the Musicon Method. The company also conducts scientific research on therapeutic activities, in cooperation with polish universities.

Musicon is the Partner of the Poland Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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