Webinar. Supercomputer in use: Trans-continental ultrafast data transfer

7 March 2022
Starting at: 11:00

Europe - Middle East - Asia Pacific linked by the ‘ocean of data’

What is a supercomputer? What makes it “super”? What can it be used for? Is it able to work on remote data sets? These and other questions will be answered during a webinar hosted by Michał Hermanowicz and Jarosław Skomiał from ICM University of Warsaw.

ICM is one of the biggest supercomputing and research data centers in Poland, involved in interdisciplinary scientific projects based on mathematical modeling, computer simulations, multi-scale and large-scale computations.

In this digital age, having a complete solution for transporting and computing data over great distances at rapid speed will surely spur more progress. We’ll focus on one of our most interesting research projects, CAE-1 Poland-Singapore data transfer link, which shows the power of supercomputers. The shortest possible path, multiple consortium members, and modern software solutions helped to provide much better connectivity than the links routed via the North Atlantic Ocean and allowed to connect regions, to boost distributed data-intensive research and easily join global scientific endeavors. But how well does it work in practice? Join the webinar to find out!

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