Together with Baromedical we make sure that you feel safe in the Poland Pavilion

Published: February 3, 2022

In times of a pandemic, having a disinfection station for all companies or institutions is a must.

Baromedical at Expo 2020
Baromedical at Expo 2020
The company Baromedical was founded on the basis of this need, but in order to stand out on the market, it focused on making its disinfection stations multifunctional and, above all, well and stylishly made.

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The range of our models begins with the simplest ones for disinfection and body temperature measurement, through stations with multimedia information carriers, and ends with advanced models that can monitor movement in the place where they are located.

The clever use of various technologies is also noteworthy. Controlling body measurements and managing station settings is done remotely thanks to the mobile application. The stations are equipped with proximity sensors, which, in combination with the built-in voice command system, builds interaction with passers-by, for example, encouraging you to check the temperature or disinfect your hands. These sensors also protect young children from splashing the disinfectant in their eyes. Other model, stations with a multimedia screen use the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system, thanks to which the displayed content can be coordinated with other displays in the system and managed remotely.

Baromedical is the Partner of the Poland Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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