The Poland Pavilion winner of The World Expo Award

Published: March 18, 2022

The Poland Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai designed by the Polish studio WXCA and the Swiss studio Bellprat Partner was recognized as the Best Large Pavilion in the EXHIBITOR Magazine’s World Expo Awards.

The Poland Pavilion winner of the World Expo Award
The Poland Pavilion winner of the World Expo Award
As the hosts of the ceremony mentioned, the Poland Pavilion was a favourite from the very beginning. According to the international jury of 17 people, it is “one of the most elegant and sophisticated pavilions, it is a work of art, it is a very mature and educational experience. It is not forcing things on you, there is not a lot of interactivities, but it is sincerely refined”. It captures the idea of mobility in a beautiful way, using the metaphor of birds in flight.

Recognition of our work by an international jury of experts means a lot to us. The narrative, expressed in the language of architecture, of Polish creativity inspired by nature, the unity in diversity, the coexistence of man and nature, and our shared responsibility for the planet, is an important voice in the global discussion that is taking place in Dubai – said Marta Sekulska-Wrońska from WXCA, co-author the pavilion.

The architecture of the Poland Pavilion clearly refers to mobility: it is an open, wooden, modular structure expanding upwards, which invites visitors to rest in the shade of a wide roof and to contemplate the installation above the guests’ heads – a kinetic sculpture representing a flock of birds. It refers to the richness of nature, the diversity of the landscape and the fact that Poland is the main habitat of migrating birds.

The Poland Pavilion is a true architectural masterpiece, which illustrates the power of Polish design and creativity. Visitors have a chance to explore the story of Poland’s economic success, our culture and technology, our amazing natural environment, and above of all – our creativity and ingenuity. The pavilion has aroused great interest among visitors and the media from all over the world and it is one of the most popular pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai – it has been visited by over one million people so far. This is very important in the context of the multidimensional promotion of Poland throughout the world – said Adrian Malinowski, Commissioner General of the Polish Section Expo 2020 Dubai.

The WXCA studio together with the Swiss studio Bellprat Partner is responsible for the design and the architectural and thematic concept of the pavilion and the exhibition. They created a unique, immersive, and permeating space inviting visitors to experience polish nature, culture and innovative technology. It intends to inspire and share with the world multiple solutions for a conscious, sustainable future.

The final exhibition narrative, detailed concept and key experiences were created as a collaboration between the design studios Science Now, Stellar Fireworks and Tellart, which enriched the exhibition with distinctive, interactive experiences (eg. the Polish Table art installation), immersive spaces (eg. the Landscapes of Creativity room) and overall multimedia storytelling. General Contractor of the Polish Pavilion is the Poznań International Fair (MTP) - FM Aldentro consortium.

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Architecture of the Poland Pavilion:

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