The objective of Polish companies is to improve the quality of infrastructure and transport

Published: April 4, 2022

At Expo 2020 Dubai, they presented a rich offer of products and services.

The objective of Polish companies is to improve the quality of infrastructure and transport
The objective of Polish companies is to improve the quality of infrastructure and transport
Poland is experiencing a swift development of road, rail, aviation, and maritime infrastructure. More and more companies and start-ups are eager to use new technologies and knowledge to shape our immediate environment. The Poland Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai delivered an overview of solutions, from smart lighting for industrial, commercial and office facilities to mobile robots and self-propelled trucks.
  • Of the discussion panels organized as part of the Polish-African Economic Forum on 28 March 2022 at Expo 2020 Dubai, one was devoted to transport and infrastructure.
  • The event was attended by experts and representatives of Polish companies. They included, among others, LUG Light Factory (the manufacturer of high-quality lighting fixtures for sports or commercial facilities) and Fiber Team (operating in the construction, measurement, and repairs of fiber-optic lines).
  • The strategic location at the intersection of major transport routes enables Poland to strengthen its position on the logistic map of Europe.
  • Poland has got four seaports of strategic importance for the national economy: the Port of Szczecin, Port of Świnoujście, the Port of Gdynia and DCT Gdańsk (the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea). In 2020, the seaports recorded a cargo turnover of 88.5 million tonnes, i.e., nearly 6% more than in 2019.

The zone entitled “Poland. Spirit of ingenuity” in the Poland Pavilion presented Polish companies that owe their success to the introduction of modern solutions, including in the construction sector. One of the companies presented was Budizol, which specializes in improving the functionality, efficiency and energy efficiency of buildings. The company has been operating on the market for 30 years now. In 2010, the four-star Holiday Inn Hotel was built on its initiative in Bydgoszcz, with 134 rooms for guests, spacious and functional conference rooms, and a relaxation zone with a sauna and a fitness room. In the subsequent years, Budizol built Hotel Rosevia Resort & Spa on the Baltic Sea and repurposed a historic tenement house , making it possible to open a high-quality boutique hotel Indio Warsaw Nowy Świat at Smolna Street in Warsaw.

Columbus Energy and Saule Technologies, which joined forces with Somfy Polska by signing an agreement on strategic cooperation on 30 March 2022, also marked their presence in the Poland Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. They cooperate in the implementation of perovskite cells and placement of new construction products onto the market. In 2021, they launched their first collaboration-based project - brise-soleils at the Aliplast building in Lublin. This innovative and energy-efficient solution protects the building against excessive heating during summer and against cooling during winter.

In turn, Ekoenergetyka, a pioneer in modern and sustainable transport, successfully designs and manufactures high-power vehicle charging stations. Its solutions are supplied to electric car and bus manufacturers, network operators and charging stations. Based in Zielona Góra, the company is already present on 26 markets and successfully operates in such countries as Germany, France, Norway or Sweden.

InMotion Labs also plays an increasingly important role. This Cracow-based company is a producer of Car Scanner, a device that makes it possible to generate detailed documentation on any vehicle. It is used in car rentals, salons and insurance companies. Car Scanner takes high-quality photographs and thus closely checks the condition of the body and interior of the car. The device uses the artificial intelligence algorithms and BlockChain to transfer and store data about online transactions.

Poland is successful in developing transport as a key element of infrastructure. This is supported, among other things, by the 100-year rich history of its domestic aviation sector. Scientists, engineers, and the academic community played a key role in its development. Representatives of this rapidly growing sector currently operate in the Aviation Valley. It was launched in 2003 and brings together pilot training centres, scientific and research institutions, and 90% of Polish manufacturers in the aviation sector. The Aviation Valley is located in Rzeszów and covers the south-eastern region of Poland.

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