Polish green walls in Dubai

Published: February 14, 2022

The World Exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai shows how important in the present world is the combination of attractive design, functionality and issues related to environmental protection.

Garden Spot - Poland Pavilion Partner
Garden Spot - Poland Pavilion Partner
Such conclusions from the event that started that in October lead to the thesis that the future of the Garden Spot brand – a producer of vertical gardens, present in Dubai as a Partner of the Polish Pavilion, looks promising.

Press release

Garden Spot, the creator of the Pixel Garden system, has been successfully expanding its operations in the Middle East markets for several years. The offered brand products are a response to the challenges of today's world. Green walls and water walls in private homes and public spaces are in line with the current trends in design and interior design. Vertical gardens based on Pixel Garden modules are functional due to the possibility of virtually unlimited use and maintenance-free thanks to the use of a unique irrigation system. Some of the manufacturer's product lines are also mobile, which makes them easy to use as a non-obvious element of event decorations. Garden Spot knows how important ecology is. That is why products are created with the environment in mind, from recycled materials, or while saving water.

“We are happy to be able to participate in the largest and most prestigious exhibition event in the world. In Garden Spot, we believe that vertical gardens are something more than a product and I hope we prove it, being the Partner of the Poland Pavilion." - emphasizes Danuta Garbarek, Garden Spot Int. CEO

Plants up!

Garden Spot is a creator and a manufacturer of the high-quality modular system of natural vertical gardens named Pixel Garden. The company has been operating in the gardening industry since 2008, promoting the idea of green walls. The brand has been present on the Arabian markets for several years. By participating in trade fairs and cooperating with local distributors, for Garden Spot, it was natural move to take part in the largest and most prestigious exhibition event in the world – Expo 2020 Dubai, by participating in the Partnership Programme organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Modern design, in line with current trends, makes Garden Spot products immensely attractive in interior design. However, there is a broader understanding of the idea and advantages of using vertical garden. It is the introduction of greenery to places seemingly inaccessible to plants.

In confined spaces, such as offices and hotels, the Garden Spot green walls have a soothing effect on people staying there. They improve well-being, reduce stress and improve air quality. In an open environment, they become a response to the civilization challenges of the warming climate and the growth of urbanization, so noticeable in the countries of the Middle East. Vertical gardens are becoming an ally of ecology. When applied to the walls of building, they cool them, thus reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. They improve the well-being of city dwellers, favoring social contacts and make buildings covered with greenery more visually attractive.

The activities of the Garden Spot brand combine the attractive style of its products and responsibility for the changing environment.


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