Creative by nature – temporary exhibition of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

Published: November 23, 2021

The “Creative by nature” exhibition promoting Polish innovations, design and art, reflects the general theme of Expo 2020 Dubai and the main slogan of the Poland Pavilion, which is: “Poland. Creativity inspired by nature”.

Temporary exhibition of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
Temporary exhibition of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
In November, the Poland Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai host temporary exhibition entitled “Creative by nature” organized by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland – the central government body responsible for granting exclusive rights to inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications and the topography of integrated circuits. The Art Director of the exhibition is a Polish designer and curator of many exhibitions, Dorota Koziara.

The problems of our planet can only be solved by joint action of all nations. The mingling of different cultures and cooperation between nations are connected, above all, by our creative potential. Creators have always seen more and sooner thanks to their intuition. Creativity is hence our asset. All of us are also responsible for the nature. In these dynamic times, we need to join our forces to respect and take care of the nature on a global level. We need to protect it in order to be able to live and create our environment in a smart way. These arguments are the overarching theme of the World Exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai.

Nature is a perfect, infinite source of inspiration for countless artists, architects, designers, scientists and technologists. Wherever we are, we strive to reflect its perfection, and we have been doing so for centuries. From the beginning of life on Earth, man has observed the nature, benefited from its clever mechanisms and phenomena, and drawn inspiration from its beauty. Therefore, it is man who must take full responsibility for the nature that surrounds us – one couldn’t agree more with the words of the famous Polish writer, philosopher and futurologist Stanisław Lem who wrote:

We should know that when it comes to saving nature, it is actually about saving ourselves. If we cut down forests, we destroy something we cannot live without. But they should teach all this in school! They should teach us we mustn’t just passively watch it happen. It is something that even stirs our emotions. If we put concrete into rivers, regulate their beds, we prevent their seasonal overflows, which leads to floods. To counteract the negative impact of technology on the natural world, one needs, firstly, money, and secondly, willingness. Willingness to channel the money in the right direction.


You cannot make discoveries and avoid taking responsibility for their consequences.

The “Creative by nature” temporary exhibition features a selection of the most interesting and innovative products of the Polish industry and craftsmanship. Many of their creators have been inspired by the beauty of nature. Some designs offer a contemporary interpretation of traditional artisanal techniques based on natural materials. All of them are produced using environmentally friendly technologies that contribute to sustainable development. The exhibition presents innovative medical devices, the latest advances in technology and transport, equipment that supports scientific research, solutions related to marine water purification, products used in interior decoration, and the smallest ones, related to the table – a place of intercultural meetings in the global world. In his works, Stanisław Lem perfectly captured the attitude of man toward nature, drawing our attention to the fact that many solutions lie in us and in the respect of each individual for the Universe.

The exhibition will present contemporary art, design and innovative products from various areas of life. The world of art will be represented by a virtual display of the works of the artist photographer Maciej Mańkowski. For years, his artistic interests have revolved around man and nature. At the exhibition in Dubai, the author of many Polish and foreign exhibitions will present a special project inspired by the beauty of nature, and specifically orchids. Another well-known Polish artist, Paweł Totoro Adamiec, the author of the series “Bogowie Nadburzańscy”, will present a series of works focusing on the faces of Polish children. The works of both artists will be displayed on innovative large LED screens thanks to cooperation with the exhibition partner, LedLIVE, a LED screen manufacturer from Stalowa Wola.

Both regular and light transparent display screens will be used as carriers for virtual brand presentations such as the project of a hydrogen-powered locomotive produced by the Polish company PESA, or yachts and catamarans by Sunreef Yachts Eco. The whole arrangement of the exhibition designed by Dorota Koziara Studio in cooperation with Tomek Grdeń and Francesco Cascella will be interspersed with presentations of all companies participating in the exhibition. The main contractor for the entire event and the exhibition arrangement is Ejsak Group – a producer of smart multimedia systems. Ejsak group also created the interactive installation the “Polish Table” presented at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The authors of the graphic symbol accompanying the exhibition, which conveys the overarching concept of connecting all minds in order to solve problems on a global level, are Justyna Krüger and Jerzy Sadowski; Justyna Krüger also created the graphic designs for all exhibition materials.

The themes of the Expo in Dubai and its overarching concept of nature and connecting all minds to protect our planet are perfectly encapsulated in an innovative vehicle: the Noa Marine underwater drone for deep-sea research, manufactured by the Krakow-based brand Noa Sp. z o.o. The vehicle with its unique form has been developed for such purposes as testing the purity of sea and ocean waters. The company anticipates that in the near future, this ambitious project will enable building research stations powered by solar energy, starting from the Baltic Sea.

As part of the exhibition, the main organizer will present innovative medical devices. They include StethoMe – an at-home medical stethoscope developed by the StethoMe brand, which can detect abnormal sounds in a child’s respiratory system. Another device to be presented is Pregnabit Pro by Nestmedic – a solution for remote cardiotocography (CTG).  The mobile CTG unit comes with a service provided by Medical Telemonitoring Centres where qualified medical personnel analyses the received CTG readouts on an ongoing basis. Pregnabit is a device that offers full medical service which is available to the patient 24/7. The product is intended for women in the third trimester of their pregnancy. The exhibition will also feature the AioCare system developed by HealthUp, intended for monitoring asthma and performing spirometry at home.

Finishing materials and state-of-the-art technologies used in the world of architecture will be represented at the exhibition by the latest achievements of the Polish photovoltaic cell manufacturer ML System. One of the biggest and most advanced Polish brands manufacturing large-format ceramic tiles and other finishing materials for both private and public interiors,the Tubądzin brand, will show in Dubai its Cielo e Terra collection of through-coloured ceramic façade tiles designed by Dorota Koziara, which were inspired by the colors of the Polish landscape, as well as its latest collections from the Monolith line.

Poland is one of the largest furniture manufacturers. Its tradition in this field goes back over many centuries. The exhibition in Dubai will feature selected brands which, ever since their founding, have prioritized development through unique design and high-quality products.  The brands include: Comforty with the Ume collection of furniture designed by Maria Ganszyniec, and the Nome armchair from Noti designed by Tomasz Augustyniak. Innovative armchairs designed by Przemysław Mac Stopa for the TMK Projekt brand and an armchair made from recycled plastic using 3D technology by the same author in cooperation with the Wolf Group. Today’s office space, frequently with an open plan layout, has changed considerably in recent years. A need for an easy and convenient solution to create more intimate, quiet places dedicated to conversation has been met by the Polish brand Hushoffice and its products. The exhibition will feature its A11 armchair designed by Przemysław Mac Stopa.

In the field of interior design, lighting was obviously a must in the “Creative by nature” exhibition. The exhibition in Dubai will feature selected products from the latest interior collections offered by one of the largest Polish lighting manufacturers, the Lenalighting S.A. brand. The products will include such lamp models as: Solanto Due, Sizzano, Baris, and many more. The brand also manufactures outdoor lighting solutions for public spaces. It has significant achievements in the field of streetlights using LED technology. The brand’s product catalogue also includes Sterilon virucidal lamps which will also be on display as part of the exhibition. This product was developed in response to the needs which emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years.

The exhibition partner LedLIVE will also showcase its latest innovative achievements in this field: lamps in an oval or round form combined with dedicated software which can create a spectacular focal point in the interior. The lamps presented at the exhibition will also include the Allow lamp using the PVC technology, which was designed by Alicja Nawracaj-Szramowiat for the An Idea brand.

Creative by nature” is an exhibition about the nature, its beauty and the need to protect it, but also about it being an infinite source of inspiration for countless designers, engineers and constructors, ever since the beginning of time.

The beauty of nature echoes in products related to the table which are presented at the exhibition. Lubiana, a Polish tableware manufacturer, will present its Stone Age Baltic porcelain collection inspired by the Baltic Sea. Lubiana is one of the largest Polish porcelain manufacturing companies which belongs to the Porcelana Ćmielów group. Its products are addressed to both individual customers and businesses from the hospitality industry.

By contrast, the Renaissance collection of the new Polish brand NeoRenesans celebrates traditional techniques used in the famous Bolesławiec pottery distinguished by a high product quality and the method of decorating with stamps, typical for Poland, in particular the Lower Silesia region. The Renaissance collection was designed by Dorota Koziara. The collection was manufactured in collaboration with Bolesławiec Ceramic Plants. The concept behind the Renaissance collection is a harmonious combination of a variety of patterns. At the exhibition, the NeoRenesans brand will also present Wind of Salento, a collection of hand-formed glassware made with traditional techniques related to the ones used to create Murano glass.

Another brand to display its products at the exhibition in Dubai is a heritage brand and the biggest Polish manufacturer of utility glassware, which uses both automatic and manual shaping of through-colored glass: Krosno Glass, a company that will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year. The “Creative by nature” exhibition will bring together selected products from both the brand’s latest collections as well as the extensive company archives comprising around 15,000 items. The selection will include glassware by Magdalena Wójcik and Marian Fugiel, designers who have collaborated with the company for many years, as well as by such contemporary designers as Anna Grabowska Szczur, Beata Szajna and Joanna Lorens.

Clothing brands will also be present at the exhibition to tell stories of fashion design inspired by the Polish culture and folk traditions. The exhibition will showcase the Tatuum brand with its NeoFolk collection featuring fabrics designed by Dorota Koziara and inspired by the Polish folklore, used in clothes designed by Rafał Gmerek who has worked for the brand ever since its inception. During the exhibition, representatives of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland will act as ambassadors of the brand, wearing clothes from the NeoFolk collection.

To make the exhibition even more attractive, from 18 to 25 November there will be live concerts performed by the music ensemble DUO Karolina Mikołajczyk and Iwo Jedynecki.

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