Temporary exhibition by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

18 November 2021

Nature is an endless source of inspiration not only for designers and architects, but also for engineers and technologists. The exhibition 'Creative by Nature', prepared by curator Dorota Koziara, is a presentation of selected, most interesting and innovative products of Polish industry and craft.

In most cases, they are inspired by the beauty of Polish nature. Some of them are a contemporary interpretation of traditional craft techniques, created with natural materials. All of the products are manufactured using ecological technologies, with sustainable development in mind.

In a small collection of contemporary – but also forward-looking exhibits – we will show you a segment of the Polish intellectual property, mostly in the field of industrial design and innovation, including: unmanned underwater drones with their movements inspired by squid, electric catamarans and a hydrogen-powered railway engine, transparent photovoltaic window panes, telemedicine devices which offer support for our physical health thanks to their high functionality, ergonomic furniture in zoomorphic shapes, in colours and patterns inspired by plants, pottery, glass and fabric in the colours of the Polish nature, but also innovative LED lamps and displays which will be used to present images of Polish landscapes and elements of our culture.

Organization: Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
Art Director: Dorota Koziara
Exhibition Design: Dorota Koziara Studio in collaboration with Tomasz Grdeń and Francesco Cascella
Execution: Ejsak Group Sp. z o.o.
Partner: LedLIVE
Graphic design: Justyna Krüger, Jerzy Sadowski
Translation: Tomasz Niedźwiedź
Print: Krüger Plus Sp. z o. o. Sp. k.

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