International Children’s Day — EduTech seminar

20 November 2021
Starting at: 10:30
Poland Pavilion

Seminar presenting the innovations of Polish companies in the field of EduTech

Over the last years, we have been observing how the education sector is developing, modernizing and becoming more technologically advanced. Our seminar will be a great opportunity to meet with industry innovators and influencers, who will share their stories and vision of future education. During the event, we will talk about trends and challenges that schools and students are facing in dynamically developing digital world.

The day of the seminar is also the World Children’s Day! Polish companies will present their EduTech solutions as well as they will organize special activities for the Pavilion’s guests.

The event will include a B2B session where you will have an excellent opportunity to establish new business contacts.

Programme of the seminar

*B2B meetings possible form 2 PM to 4 PM

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