Relaxation technology

Vertical gardens

Garden Spot logo

Vertical gardens based on the Pixel Garden system can be viewed in the Polish Pavilion. This is just one of the many products offered by the Garden Spot manufacturer. The versatility of the modular Pixel Garden solution allowed the brand to create new products: mobile green walls or home vegetable gardens. The recently offered water walls are the result of the development of the idea of interesting design and ideas for original decorations aimed at improving the well-being.

Garden Spot, however, goes further in its ideas for creating more friendly spaces. Being aware of the increasing pace of life and the real problems associated with it, such as stress or fatigue, the brand offers green zones and green boxes. Created by a team of designers, Garden Spot becomes a place of rest in everyday work. With a view to improving the concentration of people staying in them, green zones can also be used for business meeting or briefings.

The wide portfolio and practically unlimited application possibilities make the brand’s products innovative and attractive solutions in the decoration of office, private or event space.


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