The Polish Pavilion will be the main arena for the presentation of Poland and a carrier of information about Poland during the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai. The Polish Pavilion will be located on a plot with an area of 1,876 m2 in the central point of the exhibition devoted to mobility. Both the location – at the intersection of several main communication routes – and the interesting shape of the plot make it possible to prepare an attractive exhibition and thus catch the attention of a large number of visitors. The competition for the conceptual design of the Polish Pavilion and the internal exhibition for the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai was won by the WXCA studio based in Warsaw.

The Pavilion’s architecture refers clearly to the theme of mobility. It creates an open, upwards growing modular structure that invites visitors to relax in the shadow of a large roofing and to contemplate the installation floating above the guests’ heads – a kinetic sculpture depicting a flock of flying birds. The wealth of nature, diversity of the landscape and strategic location in the centre of Europe make Poland the most important habitat for European migratory birds. Inviting the visitors to take part in this journey and look at the abundance of Polish avifauna is an opportunity to develop an intriguing multithreaded story not only about the beauty of Polish nature, but primarily about international exchange, mobility, the export of ideas and technological thought. Poland will be represented as a strong centre of cooperation that uses scientific development to offer the world sustainable and eco-friendly technologies inspired by nature. What distinguishes us from other pavilions is an extended children’s zone, divided into a zone for toddlers and a workshop zone for older children. Having regard for the main theme of EXPO 2020 – “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” – we address our offer also to younger generations, who will create the future of our world.

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