Poland Pavilion at Expo 2025

Poland Pavilion will be situated near to the water area and will belong to one of the World Exhibition’s subthemes, that is “Saving Lives”.

Program concept is based on the life and music of Fryderyk Chopin, a popular figure in Japan, whose outstanding “creative gene” is present in each of us. This well-known in Japan composer will attract visitors to the Poland Pavilion, becoming a kind of “guide” to “Polishness” – a set of features that includes creativity. Visitors will be invited to take part in a fascinating journey through Poland – a place where this “creative gene”, shared by all Poles, enables people to create (both through artistic activities and those based on technology and innovation) unique and worldwide admired solutions improving the level and quality of human life. Fryderyk Chopin will accompany visitors on this multipronged journey through the exhibition centered around four subthemes. There will be also an opportunity to listen to his works during cyclic recitals planned to take place in the Pavilion’s concert hall.

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