Poland has been an active participant in World Exhibitions for many years. The goals behind Poland's presence at Expo in Dubai, include both the strengthening of Poland’s image on the international stage and economic promotion. We will present a multidimensional presentation of technology and companies representing strategic industries, from the point of view of export potential to the Middle Eastern markets, and thus generate a real increase in business transactions. Poland's participation in Expo 2020 in Dubai will be a unique promotional opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs faced with the economic consequences, of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poland. Creativity inspired by nature


The Polish Pavilion’s moto, combines the theme of human potential and the topics recommended by the organizers: sustainable development and mobility. In Dubai, we will present Poland as a country whose great resource is its people - creative, hard-working, well educated, full of energy and resourcefulness, able to face new challenges and setting trends. We present creativity as a Polish virtue - a value, which is a source of success on every level: economic, scientific, cultural and social.

In Dubai, in addition to building the Pavilion and creating our exhibition, it is planned to implement a variety of programs and accompanying events, extensive communication activities, as well as participation in the Organiser's initiatives.

  • themed weeks
    themed weeks
    20+ themed
  • cooperating institutions
    cooperating institutions
    Ministries and cooperating institutions
  • project implementation
    project implementation
    4+ years
    of project implementation
  • Pavilion area
    Pavilion area
    1000 m²
    of Polish Pavilion

Poland's participation is accompanied by a wide offer for Polish companies, who can apply for financial, organizational and promotional support, using Poland's participation in Expo 2020 in Dubai as an opportunity to build relations with business partners in the United Arab Emirates and the entire Arab Gulf.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is responsible for Poland's participation in the Expo 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai. The project’s supervising institution is the Ministry of Development.

The Polish Pavilion

Poland has found itself in an exclusive group of several dozen countries that are building their own pavilion at the World Exhibition Expo 2020 in Dubai. The Polish Pavilion will be the main arena for presentations and a carrier of information about Poland. The competition for the architectural design, was won by the Warsaw studio WXCA. The Pavilion's architecture clearly refers to the subject of mobility. It creates an open, expanding upward modular structure that invites visitors to rest in the shade of the extensive roofing and contemplation of the installation hovering over their heads - a kinetic sculpture representing a flock of flying birds.

The Polish Pavilion

A consortium of the following companies - Science Now, Stellar Fireworks and Tellart are responsible for creating the concept of the tour path and implementing the multimedia content. The starting point for creating the narrative concept of the Polish Pavilion and its overall experience, including multimedia content, is the motto of Poland’s presence at Expo: "Poland. Creativity inspired by nature. " Creativity will be the narrative axis of the Polish Pavilion, interpreted and presented in different ways in four chapters of a story about Poland, which will correspond to the four zones of the Pavilion's exhibition.

The Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020

The Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020

The content in the Pavilion - the keynote of our presence at Expo, will be developed in three thematic areas: nature, technology and international cooperation.

Nature: we Poles treat it as a unique resource of our country that inspires us, which we draw from, creating new technologies, we respect nature, while developing the economy; presenting the richness of Poland’s natural environment, the changeability of our seasons and the diversity of our landscapes, we will present what our country can offer tourists, in this way inviting guests from all over the world to visit Poland.

Technology: we show Poland as a country of innovation, a country of modern technological creativity and spectacular economic development; we emphasize that we can create businesses, using our available resources in a sustainable manner; we present in particular those technological areas that fall under the two sub-topics of the Exhibition: mobility and sustainable development as well as strategic industries from the point of view of the development of Polish business on the Middle Eastern markets.

International cooperation: we will create a story about what Poles gave to the world - in the context of business, science, culture and sport; we want every guest of our pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, to be able to find connections with their own country; we proudly present Poles who change the course of history and who have had a real impact on the world we live in.

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