Modular gardens

Admire the unusual composition of plants

Garden Spot logo

Garden Spot products are part of the Poland Pavilion. During the exhibition, visitors can admire the unusual composition of plants, which is based on the Pixel Garden modular vertical garden system. The idea of green walls has been developed by the brand for over a dozen years. It is not only a modern design created in line with current trends, which works well in interior design, but also strong pro-ecological activities by increasing biologically active areas.

The advantage of the Pixel Garden system proposed by Garden Spot is its simplicity and versatility of use both inside and outside buildings. The green wall consists of high-quality modules made of 100% recycled materials, UV-resistant materials – Pixels. Each module consists of two pots that create a coherent composition with a unique irrigation idea. Such a construction of the walls gives great compositional possibilities. The Garden Spot vertical gardens allow you to create various color variations, blooming mosaics, floral inscriptions and sophisticated patterns which meet the requirements of each user. The flexibility and creativity of Garden Spot designers, who perform their work with great commitment and passion, make the possibilities of installing green walls practically unlimited and give spectacular visual effects.

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