The EXPO World Exhibitions are the largest and the most prestigious events in the world, covering a broad range of themes including economy, promotion, culture and tourism. In terms of scale, they can only be compared to the Olympic Games or Football World Cup. The comprehensive multicoloured display of the achievements of almost all of the countries and the largest organisations in the world constitutes a huge innovative show, which uses multimedia and the latest techniques of exhibition construction. It is little wonder that, ever since the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London, the EXPO World Exhibitions have always been the world capital for half a year, attracting flocks of visitors, ranging from top state representatives and businesspeople looking for new contract opportunities to tourists and families with children.

EXPO 2020 Dubai is due to take place between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021. It will be the first World Exhibition organised in an Arabic country.

The organisers emphasise that EXPO 2020 gives a direct nod to the original objectives of the exhibitions, which have been the largest forum for the presentation of scientific achievements since 1751, allowing for the exchange of knowledge and debate on global problems. The organisers estimate that the Exhibition in Dubai will be seen by some 18 million guests over 25 million visits.

EXPO 2020 Dubai will become an arena for displaying the achievements of more than 200 countries and organisations, including those whose access to full participation in the World Exhibitions have so far been hindered by distance or financial factors. It will also provide a brilliant opportunity to present the cultural wealth of the host country. The Exhibition is due to take place in the Golden Jubilee Year of the United Arab Emirates.

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