Expo 2025 site

The Expo 2025 venue is 155 ha (1,55 km2) wide

The Expo 2025 venue is 155 ha (1,55 km2) wide.

It consists of 3 different “worlds”, that is:

  • Pavilion World – located at the center of the site and measuring 65,7 ha, with facilities visible from the top of a grand roof (ring) and from the ground. The Pavilion World will have pavilions belonging to countries and organizations, event facilities, exhibition halls, small stages and a garden.
  • Water World – located on the south side and measuring 47,0 ha, designed to become an area where one can rest, with foodservice facilities. It will also be used as a stage for events on the water.
  • Green World – located on the west side and measuring 42,9 ha, an outdoor event plaza, a transport terminal and an entrance plaza.

In the Pavilion World, the ring-shaped Main Street will serve as the main line of visitors’ flow. Above it, there will be a 20 meters tall grand roof (ring) with an aerial corridor on top, offering those willing to see things from above a bird’s-eye view of the entire Expo site.

Besides walking on foot, visitors will be able to use three types of modes of mobility, introduced by the organizers:

  • Peripheral mobility – using trams (each accommodating several dozens of passengers) that will run mainly on a peripheral road in the Expo venue. The trams will serve as a means of mobility mainly connecting the eastern and western parts of the Expo venue, including the East and West Gates, and the outdoor event plaza.
  • Small mobility – using small mobility vehicles (each accommodating one to several passengers) that will run mainly on streets in the venue, providing a means for everyone to travel comfortably and assist especially those with limitations in their mobility, for example the elderly and people with disabilities.

Flying vehicles – with flying cars that are planned to take off and land at a flying-car port in the Green Land, enabling visitors to experience advanced modes of mobility.

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