Temporary exhibition: “Landscapes of Leisure”

March 16–31, 2022
Polish Pavilion

Exhibition by Adam Mickiewicz Institute

“Landscapes of Leisure” shows a straightforward story about the universal need for rest and leisure, emphasizing the huge role of Polish architecture. The main goal of the exhibition is to present the strong link between architecture, landscape and leisure.

The exposition presents objects built during the last 120 years. They differ in style, scale, and circumstance of their creation. What they do have in common is that they were all meant to serve relaxation, recreation, regeneration, and health. They are characterized by exceptional architectural quality and were created in an extremely beautiful, natural environment. Some of them have not survived or have been refurbished and no longer resemble the originals.

Leisure centres, sanatoriums, holiday homes, resorts, mountain hostels and lakeside cabins — the architecture of these places turns out to be extremely diverse. Regardless of the era, style and aesthetics, the key is the objects’ relationship with the natural landscape, and the greatest challenge is how we approach the human-architecture-nature relationship.

Architecture that serves leisure responds to the change in social needs. Along with successive political and economic breakthroughs, it continually seeks new forms and reflects the creative freedom. It draws on regional and historical traditions as well as the avant-garde.

The exhibition presents the objects in the form of models — concise forms to reflect their architectural values — and contemporary photographs that aim to reflect the spirit of each place.

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