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SILO (Stochastical Immunological Layer Optimizer) system to optimize the combustion process in power boilers, inspired by the action of the immune system of living beings, has qualified to participate in the Platform Best Practices Energy.

This arena presentation of the most innovative projects and energy technologies, which will be accompanied by International Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. The finals were qualified 17 projects from 10 countries, including Polish project, as reported by the Institute of Heat Engineering Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw.


Polish project qualified to participate in the Platform Best Practices for Energy is a valuable addition to the Polish exhibition, created based on the motto "Poland: Creative people, Smart Energy".


Optimizer SILO is an innovative worldwide system, used for the optimization of the current continuous processes occurring in industrial facilities. One of the main applications of this solution is to optimize the combustion process in power boilers. With the implementation of SILO producers of electricity and heat can improve production efficiency while minimizing emissions of NOX, CO, CO2 and SO2. As a result of lowering the SILO are so variable costs of the company, related to fuel costs and the costs of environmental charges.


The system SILO can be compared to the operator who 24 hours a day and 7 days a week working hard to make this process as effective as possible. In addition, the "virtual operator" constantly gaining knowledge and experience, so that the results of his work are getting better and does not deteriorate with time. The main features of the system include: ongoing acquisition of knowledge about the process, effective adaptation to changing operating point, accurate and rapid adaptation to changes in the characteristics of the object, no need for tuning the model and reducing the cost of tuning the basic control system, as well as integration with a Distributed Control System - DCS (Distributed Control System).


The system has been so far used 50 times (23 implemented in the US, 9 in Asia, Europe 9). As a result of the analysis of the effects of implementation average improvement in boiler efficiency is 0.2 - 0.5%, and the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions 10 - 15%. The effect of the final annual savings of 250 000 USD. Thus, the payback period of this investment is approximately one year.


Platform Best Practice Energy (Energy Best Practices Area - EBPA)
This space located in one of the thematic pavilions, near the Polish Pavilion. In June of 2017. Will become the arena for the presentation of projects and energy technologies through the prism of the economy, innovation, policy and international cooperation. To participate in the initiative were invited authors of projects in the field of renewable and alternative energy, energy efficiency and traditional energy, energy storage, energy distribution, utilization of natural energy resources.


The selection of projects and technologies that will be presented in the pavilion EBPA, made an international team of experts (International Selection Committee), consisting of the authorities of the world of science, including the Nobel laureate in economic sciences professor at New York University - Thomas Sargent.

The text is based on materials provided by Transition Technologies SA.

SILO II - Stochastical Immunological Layer Optimizer

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