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Yesterday in Astana, the Newenergy Global Startup Fest Gala took place – a competition coordinated by the Kazakh Ministry of Energy, which nominated the most innovative projects of young entrepreneurs in the energy sector. Among the top 30 companies there was one from Poland – Lerta by Husar Labs, offering new software enabling optimisation of energy use. As a prize, the company was offered a special pavilion at the Astana EXPO 2017.


Among the startups qualified by an international panel of experts as the top 100 participants of the Newenergy Global Startup Fest Gala, there were two companies from Poland: Lerta by Husar Labs selected as one of top 30, and Rotoby - producing innovative blades for wind turbines based on two patents registered by its founders.


The organisers of the competition received almost 800 entries from 55 countries. More than half of the projects were dedicated to renewable energy sources and the remaining ones belonged to the following categories: „smart city”, innovative infrastructure, new sources of energy, and water resources management.


The Newenergy Global Startup Fest initiative is organised by the company JSC „Informational and Analytical Centre of Oil and Gas” and it is supported by the Kazakh Ministry of Energy. It has been classified as one of the initiatives announcing the Astana EXPO 2017.



Lerta by Husar Labs

Husar Labs is a Poznań-based technological company developing solutions in the field of Internet of Things and Big Data for companies from energy and industry sector, and for startups.
Lerta is a product of the company based on artificial intelligence, dedicated for distributors and sellers of electricity. The software analyses the energy consumption of end customers and recognises individual appliances and their share in electricity bill (e.g. heating, washing machines and dishwashers). This knowledge helps to influence the awareness and behaviour of consumers, and in result to reduce the demand for energy in peak hours, reduce emission of CO2 and improve energy efficiency.


Lerta enables cooperation between electricity network and intelligent home appliances – compatible devices, such as washing machines and dish washers, can be automatically turned on by the network operator when the price of energy is lowest and the current demand remains on a safe level. Husar Labs is also working on a version of Lerta for business clients, such as owners of office buildings and companies with numerous branches, and is searching for partners for cooperation in implementation and tests.


The products of Husar Labs were rewarded, i.a., at the InfoShare 2016, ABSL Start-Up Challenge 2016, KICk-Off 2016, and New Energy Global Startup Fest 2016, and they will be presented during the European Utility Week in Barcelona (15-17 November 2016) and at Expo 2017 in Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan.




Rotoby Sp. z.o.o. is a young company established to design and produce wind turbines blades, based on two patents registered by its founders. The wind turbine blades produced by Rotoby Sp. z.o.o. 20% are lighter than typical blades produced using glass fibre.


Currently, the company is implementing a project aimed at producing a small size, vertical wind turbine, intended for home, public and urban use, and made of thermoplastic materials exclusively. This turbine has been designed by a world famous designer and it comprises all the revolutionary elements of the technology patented by Rotoby. The turbine will be introduced to the market at a competitive price. Its aerodynamic solutions will be absolutely innovative, and possible only thanks to the said technology, which renders the turbine more efficient. Such a turbine was presented for the first time during the New Energy start-up fest in Astana.



 Rotobo Z.O.O


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